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                                                                               The ergonomic, easily adjustable, handle allows for
                                                                               configuration to a comfortable operating position with all
                                                                               controls simple to operate.
                                                                               Worlds first professional mower with blue tooth connectivity
                                                                               via smartphone.  Wirelessly modify settings and much more.
                                                                               BALANCED IN OPERATION
                                                                               The weight transfer to the cassette is limited because the
                                                                               collection bucket is mounted on the traction unit frame. The
                                                                               result makes the unit optimally balanced during operation
                                                                               and end-of-line turning, giving a more consistent height in
                                                                               Power is delivered by a lithium power source. available in
                                                                               either 1.4kkWh or 2.8kkWh to drive the traction unit and
                                                                               the reel’s DC brushless motor. They can be quickly swapped,
                                                                               in-field if necessary, to suit the working environment.
                                                                                 Battery: 48V LiFePO4 30Ah and 60Ah
                                                                                  Engine option: Available as an option on
                                                                                  FX (Fixed Head) versions.
                                                                               ADJUSTABLE CHASSIS
                                                                               From the on-the-fly wrenchless adjustment of the front roller
                                                                               height to the adjustable bedknife, the user can make further
                                                                               adjustments to maximize cutting efficiency no matter what
                                                                               the conditions.
                                                                               Wrenchless Height Adjuster
                                                                               Wrenchless Height Adjuster has become the industry
                                                                               benchmark for this type of application.

                       Photograph shows 30” Fixed Head version                 Low Ground Pressure
                                                                               The ground pressure of the unit is evened out over the rear
          FL30 & FL34 - Dynamic Return Floating Head                           roller and the two chassis rollers due to the floating head
          The use of a mower with a cutting unit independent of the traction unit   Adjustable Bedknife
          (normally termed floating head) will decrease ground pressure as the   Alteration of the bedknife geometry/attitude
          combined weight of the mower is spread between both elements –       can compensate for bedknife face wear
          traction unit and cutting unit.                                      and offers consistency in the level
                                                                               of plant stress.
                                                                               DETACHABLE WHEELS
                                                                               The detachable wheels aid
                                                                               transportation over concrete approaches.
                                                                               QUALITY REEL
                                                                               In-house designed and manufactured cutting reels available
                                                                               in 7, 11 and 14 blade set up. Optional single lever engage
                                                                               groomer attachment available to give a cutting height range
                                                                               of 10mm to 42mm (0.39in to 1.65in). The optional Groomer
                                                                               attachment contra rotates to achieve the maximum effect
                                                                               in alleviating grain and turf density problems. It has a fully
                                                                               sealed gearbox and is designed for single lever action to
                                                                               give simple engagement or disengagement and can be
              Wembley Stadium                                                  installed and removed in rapid fashion.
              “Three things really stand out for me with the                   FRONT ROLLER
              INFINICUT  machines – one is the battery                         Can either be specified as smooth, grooved or Wyle.
              life; another is the versatility but perhaps the                   * Patents granted or pending.
              biggest thing is the balance. The floating                       ** The power testing information used to establish the power rating of these
                                                                               engines can be found at
              head reads the pitch, every camber, every
              tiny movement and the whole team are very
              impressed by that and it shows in the quality                                          Wireless
              of finish.”                                                                            connectivity
                                                                                                     via Bluetooth
              Karl Standley - Grounds Manager                                  The InfiniApp ™


                                                                                         ADVANCED TURF TECHNOLOGY
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