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                                                  At InfInIcuT  we are strong advocates of ensuring
                                                  we have a deep understanding of the Turf Professionals’
                                                  requirements before we embark on any design project.
                                                  We combine this knowledge with our engineering
                                                  expertise to offer turf professionals equipment that is
                                                  fit-for-purpose, durable and innovative.


                   Our manufacturing capability is                                            Efficiency
                 unrivalled in our industry. We use
                  the latest cutting-edge production     InfInIcuT  Professional Sports Turf products are considered to be
                    techniques to ensure consistent       the most technically innovative in our industry. The majority of our
                 manufacturability of our products.      products are “smart” Lithium powered. This is not only a testament
                You can be confident that anything           of our commitment to utilizing the latest technology, but also a
               displaying the InfInIcuT  badge is            commitment to providing turf managers with the most efficient
                             expertly produced.            solutions that are environmentally friendly and enjoyable to use.
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