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Mowing Cassettes

                                                               with Groomer
                           SMARTcut        22” 26” 30” 34”
                     7, 11 or 14 blade options                  22” 26” 30” 34”
          MOWING The SMARTcut  cutting cassette is designed for   The optional Groomer attachment contra rotates to achieve the
          both fine Turf & Sports Turf applications and offers unrivalled   maximum effect in alleviating grain and turf density problems.
          quality of cut, versatility and ease of maintenance.

                Warwick Independent School Foundation
               “Our 34” INFINICUT  is equipped with a 7 blade SMARTCut  reel which
               delivers a really superior quality of cut. In a short period of time, it has
               made a noticeable difference to the health, presentation and quality of our
               rugby pitch and cricket square.”  Duncan Toon

          Maintenance Cassettes

                                                                                 ThatchMaster ™    22” 26” 30” 34”
                                                               DE-THATCH The ThatchMaster  cassette is used to prevent
                           SarelRoller ™   22” 26” 30” 34”     thatch accumulation and cut through stolons & rhizomes in fine turf.
         AERATE The SarelRoller  cassette, if used regularly, will prevent
         surface sealing of fine turf resulting from the effects of rolling and
         air-born silt.

                                                                                 Razorcutter ™     22” 26” 30” 34”
                                                              DE-THATCH The Razorcutter  cassette produces less stress
                           StarSpiker ™    22” 26”            on the grass plant by employing non carbide tipped, laser cut,
          AERATE The StarSpiker  cassette provides an alternative
          method of reducing surface sealing whilst using the same
          principles as the Sarel roller.

                         Wantage Bowling Club
                         “Passing the SarelRoller  over our green                 Scarifier ™
                         fortnightly keeps the surface open and,                                   22” 26”
                         used in conjunction with other cassettes   SCARIFY The Scarifier  cassette is the obvious choice for
                         from the TMSystem , means our green is in   greens that already have thatch at depth.
                         better condition than ever.”  Dean Gibbons


                                                                                         ADVANCED TURF TECHNOLOGY
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