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cassettes for the Grooming, Mowing and Maintenance

          of all sports turf surfaces.

          Grooming Cassettes

                          ultraGroomer ™   22” 26”
                                                                                 Turfclean ™       22” 26” 30” 34”
          GROOM The ultraGroomer  cassette has over 80 1.3mm                      ™
          tungsten carbide tipped blades spaced at 5mm apart to ensure   HYGIENE The Turfclean  cassette is designed to ensure even
          your greens are maintained in the best condition.    collection of debris from the surface and also further down into
                                                               the turf canopy.

                          SMARTVibe ™       22” 26”                              SpringRake ™      22” 26” 30” 34”
          LEVEL The patented SMARTVibe  cassette is the only integrated   GROOM The SpringRake  cassette is designed for a less
          vibratory cassette in the world.                     aggressive approach to removing organic matter at the base of
                                                               the plant and is also effective at debris removal.

                           PowerBrush ™     22” 26” 30” 34”
          BRUSH The PowerBrush  cassette is designed to ensure even
          collection of debris throughout the length of the grass catcher,
          maximizing the volume.

                          StaticBrush ™    22” 26”

          TOP DRESS The StaticBrush  cassette is a very effective
          method of working sand into greens.

                 Glamorgan CCC
                 “We’re passing over the square with the UltraGroomer  every 3-4 weeks
                 and each time are amazed at the amount of debris and organic matter
                 we’re taking out – we’ve now got a square which is clean, carries good
                 pace and encourages strong, healthy plant growth.”  Robin Saxton
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