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                                                                               Compliance - EC Compliant
                                                                               Operational parameters -
                                                                               Programmable via BLE InfiniApp™
                                                                               Grass basket - 70Lt
                                                                               TRACTION & CONTROL
                                                                               System voltage - 48V
                                                                               Traction drive - 1kW Continuous DC Motor
                                                                               Blade drive - 2.5kW Continuous DC Motor
                                                                               Differential - Fully accessible
                                                                               Cruise control - Via regenerative braking
                                                                               Power is delivered by a lithium power source. Available
                                                                               in either 1.4kkWh or 2.8kkWh to drive the traction
                                                                               unit and the Deck’s DC brushless motor. They can be
                                                                               quickly swapped, in-field if necessary, to suit the working
                                                                               Battery module option: (removable)
                                                                               30Ah or 60Ah Lithium
                                                                               Battery charger Delta Q
                                                                               Approximate recharge time (30Ah) - 4hr
                                                                               Approximate recharge time (60Ah) - 6hr
                                                                               Engine generator option: (removable)
                                                                               Dry weight (incl. grass basket)
                                                                               30Ah = 164kg
                                                                               60Ah = 175kg
                                                                               REAR TRACTION ROLLER PARALLEL
                                                                               Ability to parallel rear roller to deck.
                                                                               15mm to 50mm - user programmable through InfiniApp™
                                                                               Method of adjustment via Electronic Actuator
          The InfInIcuT  SM34 Rotary Mower is designed to elevate professional   Blade safety braking - Yes
          rotary mower performance to a new level. Building on the hugely      Parking brake - Yes
          successful InfInIcuT  reel mower range, the InfInIcuT  SM34 utilises   DETACHABLE WHEELS
          many of the features offered by the reel mower such as lithium power and   The detachable wheels aid
          best in class noise and vibration levels. Simple to manoeuvre and with a   transportation over concrete
          design emphasis on cut quality and consistency, the InfInIcuT  SM34   approaches.
          Rotary is not only environmentally friendly but is very much built fit for   SPEED
          purpose with the user in mind.                                       Mowing - 0 - 4mph
                                                                               Transport - 0 - 6mph
          The large 2.5kW blade motor will power through the toughest of       ACCESSORY EQUIPMENT
          conditions. The high lift blade profile ensures maximum efficiency in debris   Front roller/Wheels options - Yes
          collection and at the same time provides a superior stripe when compared   Turf presenter -
                                                                               Turf Lifter System between Front Roller and Deck
          to any other rotary mower.                                           Light kit - LED
                                                                               Transport - Transport Wheel Kit
          Grass basket removal and attachment is simple and effective. An available
          transport kit ensures the rear roller traction drums remain damage free
          when transporting between venues.
          Adjustable brush system is available to help agitate and lift the turf canopy              Wireless
          prior to cutting.                                                                          connectivity
                                                                                                     via Bluetooth
                                                                               The InfiniApp ™


                                                                                         ADVANCED TURF TECHNOLOGY
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