The TMSYSTEM™ unlocks the full potential of your John Deere, Toro or Jacobsen fairway or triple greens mower.

The only cassette system to transform a triplex greens or lightweight fairway mower into a ‘complete’ turf maintenance system.


Using the universal chassis, and appropriate adaptor kit, the TMSYSTEM™ replaces OEM cutting reels with application specific cassettes.  Removal of the cutting reel cassette, and installation of another from the comprehensive TMSYSTEM™ range, is possible in seconds due to the ergonomically designed four bolt “Easy-In-Easy-Out” construction.

AERATE The Sarel Roller™ cassette, if used regularly, will prevent surface sealing of fine turf resulting from the effects of rolling and air-born silt. This can lead to decreased infiltration rates and a reduction in gaseous exchange between the atmosphere and the rootzone upper horizon.
It can be used up to 20mm (0.8in) depth, and is also an excellent tool for use after top-dressing to integrate the sand into the turf canopy.

AERATE The Star Spiker™ cassette provides an alternative method of reducing surface sealing whilst using the same principles as the Sarel roller. It is for those Turf Managers who prefer an elongated form as opposed to a circular pattern.
It is a fast and cost effective aerator allowing the triplex to operate at transport speed. Aeration is great for increasing surface soil temperature at the start of the season helping to bring turf out of dormancy sooner.

DE-THATCH The ThatchMaster™ cassette is used to prevent thatch accumulation and cut through stolons and rhizomes in fine turf. Regular use will improve surface texture especially when used in conjunction with light topdressing.
The carbide tipped blades are spaced at 10mm centres and manufactured from 2mm thick tungsten.

DE-THATCH The RazorCutter™ cassette produces less stress on the grass plant by employing non carbide tipped, laser cut, blades. They help minimise any bruising effect that can lead to increased plant pathogen attack ~when using regular carbide tips.
To counteract accelerated wear, resulting in a rounded tip, the rotor shaft can be turned through 180°. This feature enables the use of both sides of the blade tip to maintain a sharp edge being offered to the grass at all times.

SCARIFY The Scarifier™ cassette is the obvious choice for greens that already have thatch at depth. The 5 bladed 1.6mm super-tough blades, spaced at 40mm, work at a depth of up to 14mm.
The brush spacers ensure thorough clean-up and effective throwing of the thatch into the grass catchers. Consecutive use in multiple directions will result in minimal surface disruption.