The TMSYSTEM™ unlocks the full potential of your John Deere, Toro or Jacobsen fairway or triple greens mower.

The only cassette system to transform a triplex greens or lightweight fairway mower into a ‘complete’ turf maintenance system.

Using the universal chassis, and appropriate adaptor kit, the TMSYSTEM™ replaces OEM cutting reels with application specific cassettes.  Removal of the cutting reel cassette, and installation of another from the comprehensive TMSYSTEM™ range, is possible in seconds due to the ergonomically designed four bolt “Easy-In-Easy-Out” construction.

GROOM The UltraGroomer™ cassette has over 80 1.3mm tungsten carbide tipped blades spaced at 5mm apart to ensure your greens are maintained in the best condition. It will minimise puffiness in high density Creeping Bent and Bermuda grasses by reducing ‘scalping’ and ‘foot-printing’.
The cassette will also remove seed heads in Poa annua turf and on newly established greens, it can help reduce the ingress of Poa annua by “grabbing” individual plants before they get a chance to take hold.

LEVEL The patented SMARTVibe™ cassette is the only integrated vibratory cassette in the world. With an operating frequency of 83Hz transferred through two 60mm diameter rollers there is no better method of achieving fast true putting surfaces.
Efficient deep integration of sand top-dressing is easily achieved with the optional SMARTVibe™ Cassette Brush. The Brush can also be used as a static brush.

BRUSH The PowerBrush™ cassette is designed to ensure even collection of debris throughout the length of the grass catcher, maximizing the volume. It’s very effective collecting surplus top-dressing; stones from bunkers and leaf debris. The bristles are made from high quality nylon resulting in a durable brush with “flex memory”. Two different stiffness grades of bristle are available.

TOP DRESS The StaticBrush™ cassette is a very effective method of working sand into greens. Running on four nylon rollers, it has a simple method of adjusting the pressure exerted on the green – equally at home working in heavy or light dressings.

HYGIENE The TurfClean™ cassette is designed to ensure even collection of debris from the surface and also further down into the turf canopy. Fitted with an angled comb “Bedknife” beneath the rotary brush it’s very effective collecting surface divots, debris, organic matter and standing up the grass plant to help ensure a healthy sward. The bristles are made from high quality nylon resulting in a durable brush with “flex memory” to ensure a durable and long lasting tool.

GROOM The SpringRake™ cassette is designed for a less aggressive approach to removing organic matter at the base of the plant and is also effective at debris removal.