Not content with just being the world’s only professional mower with Bluetooth connectivity, INFINICUT have recently launched the latest version of their INFINIApp – designed to deliver unparalleled consistency in cut. Available for Android and iOS devices, among the new features is programmable automatic turn slow-down, reducing the mower to a percentage of walking speed for a more comfortable end of line turn.

The novel approach INFINICUT have used to wirelessly programme their award-winning range of cylinder and rotary mowers offers several benefits. First and foremost, the app’s main purpose is consistency in cut. An example is that the same desired clip rate can be set on several different mowers and maintained across all machines regardless of the operators preferred walk speed.

Helping with consistency and efficiency, and eliminating the risk of human error, fleet management is another neat feature. Wirelessly connect the whole fleet of mowers to the INFINIApp and simply select one of your pre-loaded set-ups to apply those identical clip-rate, acceleration and re-gen brake settings to every machine.

Together with various UI and function enhancements, the latest version of the INFINIApp has introduced a new automatic turn slow-down feature which has proven extremely popular with everyone who has tested it. At the end of line turn, a sensor automatically detects that the mower is lifted and slows the unit down to a pre-chosen percentage. Each individual operator can choose a slow-down rate that they are comfortable with and, when dropped back to the mow position, the regular mowing speed is engaged.

Not only does the INFINIApp offer new-found precision and simplicity to set-up, programming the mower via a smart device also reduces the componentry required on the mower itself. The INFINIApp eliminates the need for TFT screens, excess buttons or switches that are exposed to the elements, and therefore susceptible to failure due to moisture, wear & tear or accidental damage.

Various levels of access are available and can be tailored dependent on what mower parameters owner’s permit operators to be able to alter. Security is also assured via two-step authentication, meaning only those granted access are able to unlock the app.

The new version of the INFINIApp can be downloaded now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.