In response to the additional technical variations in the way sports pitches can now be reinforced, MK6 models of INFINICUT can now accommodate an adjustable/removable weight kit. It is designed to be used as a means of controlling rootzone gravimetric results through the alteration of down-pressure force exerted by the INFINICUT mower during use.

By its design, the INFINICUT is one of the lightest professional sports turf mowers on the market – optimally balanced to emit even, low ground pressure on the turf surface. Increasing its adaptability even further, the new INFINICUT weight kit is ideal for Turf Managers looking to consolidate their surface – for example following intensive wear, alternative surface usage or invasive maintenance such as deep aeration – to influence both the playability and agronomic characteristics of the turf.

Each ‘plate’ has a mass of 14kg and any number can be affixed to the holder, centrally positioned above the traction drum to ensure that the additional weight is directed evenly through the rolling action and not via the cutting element thereby retaining cut consistency and quality. The weights can then be quickly and easily removed when gravity readings are at optimal levels.

Commenting on the introduction, Vinny Tarbox, INFINICUT Sales Manager said, “The weight kit is just another example of listening and responding to market demands, to create a product that is perfectly suited to each and every application. The simple method of mounting means adjusting the weight could not be simpler, offering natural and hybrid Turf Managers a solution for firming surfaces up to desired levels without causing undue compaction.”