A 34” INFINICUT® FX, complete with SMARTCut™ cutting reel and SpringRake™ cassette from the TMSystem™ collection has become the newest addition to the machinery fleet at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge. In the short period of time since its delivery in June, the set-up is making a massive difference to some of the site’s fine turf areas – albeit in quiet fashion, with the evident reduction in noise pollution another benefit thanks to the switch to battery power.

Under Head Groundsman Chris Tovey’s remit are hockey surfaces, tennis courts and pitches for rugby and football, which convert to host cricket throughout the summer months. “I’d first seen the INFINICUT® at a demonstration a couple of years ago and could tell that the quality of cut it delivered, together with the versatility of the cassette options available, would suit our site down to the ground” explains Chris, who has been at the college for 35 years. “Through the summer months, it will become our go-to mower on our cricket outfield and throughout the winter, it will deliver that next level of finesse to our main football pitch.”

“The quiet operation that comes with the battery-powered INFINICUT® has been a real breath of fresh air for us, having a number of aging and rather noisy pieces of equipment in the shed! This is so important not just for us as operators, but also the benefits that noise reduction brings to the more general educational environment.”

Alongside his 34” cutting cassette, Chris also purchased the new SpringRake™ cassette from the TMSystem™ range. Designed for a less aggressive approach to removing organic matter, lateral growth and/or debris, the SpringRake™ features both tines and nylon brushes to gently ‘scratch’ the base of the plant and move the collected material to the surface for dispersal or collection.

“We’ve been passing the SpringRake™ cassette over our grass tennis courts and cricket square on a weekly basis and it’s done a fantastic job at removing unwanted grasses on these fine turf areas.” Chris concludes, “The set-up is so simple to use and is going to be key to helping us take our facilities to the next level, to the benefit of both the college and the students.”