Glamorgan CCC are the latest in a growing list of cricket clubs to discover the benefits of the UltraGroomer™ cassette from the renowned TMSystem™ collection. Purchased in conjunction with a 30” INFINICUT® FL mower in June 2020, the unit has helped Head Groundsman Robin Saxton to remove thatch and annual meadow grass accumulations to improve both presentation and overall plant health.

“The combination of the very wet winter quickly followed by warm conditions in the spring had caused a build-up of annual meadow grass on the square” explains Robin, who together with a team of five maintains the Sophia Gardens Ground and an off-site practice area. “We were familiar with the UltraGroomer™ from prior experience and felt it was going to be key to us clearing the accumulations and improving sward cleanliness moving forward. Since we’ve been using the cassette it’s exceeded what we hoped to achieve!”

Featuring over 80 tungsten carbide tipped blades, the UltraGroomer™ improves the plants immediate environment by removing Poa ingress, lateral growth and organic matter to enhance the movement of oxygen and nutrients and make it more difficult for disease pathogens to take hold. “During the main season, we were passing over the square every 3-4 weeks and each time were amazed at the amount of debris and organic matter we took out – we achieved a square which was clean, carried good pace and encouraged strong, healthy plant growth.”

“The UltraGroomer™ will also be used in pre-renovation work, to thin out the surface and create an ideal seed bed to optimise the results with our seeding and topdressing operations.” When not equipped with the UltraGroomer™ cassette, the INFINICUT® FL complete with SMARTCut™ reel has become the go-to mower for Robin when it comes to cutting the square. “We’re very impressed with both the cut quality and presentation we achieve. This combination of equipment puts us in a fantastic position to continue to improve our facility, ready to host a more regular level of play (fingers crossed!) next season.”