As part of their continuous product development programme, INFINICUT® have announced the introduction of a new 60Ah battery module. The new power unit joins the line-up, alongside the industry-leading 30Ah option, to offer extended run-time and more power for increased overall flexibility.

The benefits of battery power have become increasingly evident for products in our everyday lives, and with the INFINICUT® range, it has been an integral part of its design. Together with a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to that of a petrol-driven mower, the modular de-mountable battery configuration of the INFINICUT® has proven to deliver a reduction in noise output and significant improvements to the Hand-Arm Vibration (HAV) levels for the operator.

This new, larger 60Ah battery offers a run-time of up to 390 minutes (dependant on machine, set-up and conditions) and supersedes the current 40Ah module option, giving the operator the opportunity of matching battery capacity with the specification required to deliver desired work patterns. The 30Ah and 60Ah module units are standard and interchangeable across the entire INFINICUT® range – including the floating head and fixed head cylinder mower collection, and SM34 Rotary model – to give reliable, consistent performance with the option of purchasing further interchangeable battery modules as required.